Minutes after the bombings in Boston, anti-Muslim fascist scumbags were predicatively pinning the blame on Muslims…

Chris Merrett - Blaming Muslims

Matt Donald - This Is True Islam

(We’ve blurred out the disturbing picture, unlike our mate Matt who enjoys posting such images to exploit the dead and injured)

Retards - Blaming Muslims

Pat Mulligan - Blaming Muslims

Nick - Blaming Muslims - 2

Michael Morsches - Blaming Muslims

Katie Giorgio - Blaming Muslims - 2

Katie Giorgio - Blaming Muslims - 1

Joseph Anton - Blaming Muslims

Not one to shy away from exploiting the pain and suffering of others to further their agenda, the Zionists came out of their  holes to jump on the bandwagon before the hate subsided. Just like what happened after the attacks on September 11 2001, Israelis and other Zionists claimed Palestinians were dancing in the streets, celebrating by handing out sweets to mark the deaths of Americans.

Matt Donald - Muslim World Celebrates

Matt Donald - Palestinians Celebrate

Pam Geller - Palestinian Celebrate

Some were skeptical of these claims due to the overwhelming lack of evidence. Before you could say “Scientific study proves right-whingers generally have low IQs”, Bare Naked Islam came to the rescue with their ‘evidence’…

Barenaked Islam - 1

(Click for larger image)

…except their ‘evidence’ were of pictures from several years ago. A reverse image search (http://www.tineye.com/) reveals all the pictures used were from either 2011, 2008 or even older. The stupid didn’t end there. There was also a video accompanying the article and pictures which shows Palestinians dancing and celebrating in the street, supposedly celebrating the Boston bombings. The problem here for Bare Naked Islam is that this is a video of someones wedding. Anyone who understands basic Arabic would realise that after hearing the known popular wedding songs and the MC in the background.

A screen capture at 59 seconds even shows banners which say “A thousand congratulations on the newlyweds” (see below).

Barenaked Islam - 2

A right-winger who respects the remaining intelligence it has left, should ask why it should continue to allow itself to be lead around by the nose to further the sinister agenda of others and continue to believe scum like Pam Geller and trashy blogs like Bare Naked Islam when they’ve been caught out time and again in these types of lies and misinformation.

This is the true human side of the Palestinians that Geller and her ilk will not show you…

Palestinian Kids - Mourn Victims

Meanwhile, the right-whingers show their hypocrisy by laughing and celebrating the deaths of people who’ve been killed and affected by the recent earthquake in south-west Iran. (The second picture requires a knowledge of Hebrew)

Trilby Steinberger - Laughing At Iranian Dead

Jews Celebrating Deaths


It seems the lying scum maggots over at Bare Naked Islam have admitted the pictures and video have nothing to do with the Boston bombings. Their explanation as to why they posted them along with the accusations is that their readers are too stupid to imagine in their minds people dancing and celebrating so the retards at Bare Naked Islam thought they needed to show their fellow retards how Palestinians celebrate. Their demented reasoning is that the Palestinians celebrate all their celebrations in the same way… with music and dancing… so there was no harm in misleading their fellow bottom dwellers.

Lying Scum Bare Baked Islam

“It’s fake but at the same time it’s not fake because this is how they look when they celebrate dead Israelis and Americans”.

Wank Stains

Ummmmm… you decide…

[All those pictured have made extremely derogatory, sexist remarks towards Muslim and non-Muslim women]
[Click image for larger version]

Here’s another fail by hate mongering, attention seeking, Queen-bee of the Looniverse, “halal turkeys will turn you Muslim”, rabid mongrel Pamela Geller of ‘Atlas Shrugs’.

Anyone who’s been following the events in Syria (there’s a civil war going on for those who’ve been asleep for the past year and a half) will know the extraordinary levels the Syrian regime and their fellow Shi’ite bed buddies Iran and Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah have gone in trying to paint the popular uprising as a terrorist plot by the  ̶n̶o̶n̶-̶e̶x̶i̶s̶t̶e̶n̶t̶   ̶i̶m̶a̶g̶i̶n̶a̶r̶y̶   ̶d̶e̶f̶e̶a̶t̶e̶d̶   ̶d̶i̶s̶b̶a̶n̶d̶e̶d̶   superpower Al-Qaeda and their Saudi Arabian and Qatari “Wahhabi” allies.

Much like how the bigots and anti-Muslims constantly attribute false stories to Muslims, similarly the Shi’ites and Alawite propagandists have gone into overdrive, plucking stories from around the world or from past events and attributing them to the Syrian freedom fighters and the millions of civilians they’ve branded as “Wahhabi” terrorists. Fortunately, the Syrians and their supporters are quick to debunk and tear apart these lies but unfortunately for Pamela Geller, I don’t think she got the memo that the below story was shown up for the lie it was months ago.

Atlas Shrugs quotes a Shi’ite source, the same cult Ayatollah Khomeini the child and animal rapist belongs to, whom have tarnished the image of mainstream Islam with their edicts allowing thighing of babies, intercourse with animals, prostitution which their cult deems as “temporary marriage”, cutting the heads of children to allow blood to gush down their faces and calling it “mourning rituals” and other such disgusting cultist rituals.

The Shi’ite source claims “Wahhabi terrorists” killed an Iraqi Shi’ite family in the Syrian capital of Damascus and hung a child who was the last remaining survivor of the massacre. It goes on to say that a “Wahhabi” cleric urged the “terrorists” to continue their alleged massacres but not make photos or videos of the crimes public.


The only truth to this story is that it is from Syria, from the province of Aleppo (not Damascus as the Shi’ite source below claims), BUT from the year 2010, almost a year before the uprising in Syria began. The story says that the child was raped, strangled, dragged across the ground and hung outside an abandoned home near a (Sunni) Muslim cemetery. The story continues saying that the previous year (2009) saw Aleppo witness numerous cases of sexual violence and rape against children and this was the most brutal crime yet.

Judging by the recent events in Syria, with the countless massacres of (Sunni) Muslim children having their throats slit by Alawite and Shi’ite militiamen due to centuries old hatreds, we would say the most likely perpetrators of this disgusting crime are those same ones that are committing present day ethnic genocide of the (Sunni) Muslim population that are neighbouring Shi’ite and Alawite communities.

The original story: http://aarabladies.com/t74348.html

For those who don’t know Arabic, just refer to the date it was posted.


Pamela Geller’s version of the story, of which she quotes her new found Shi’ite mates which say this disgusting crime happened to a Shi’ite Iraqi family only last week and in the capital Damascus:

This documentary sets out to expose Sergio Redegalli, his neo-Nazi white nationalist connections and the sinister agenda behind the ‘burqa’ mural and the calls for banning the ‘burqa’ and niqab.

Please visit the links below for further information regarding those featured in this video and the neo-Nazi white nationalist groups they and Sergio are apart of;

The Anti-Bogan:

WordPress blog:


My iCrusade Against Rightist Extremists:

WordPress blog:


Aussies Against the Australian Defence League:



It has become almost like a religious ritual every year, before every major holiday that the bogadudes and bogadettes whip themselves up in a frenzy over the “imergints wanting to change are way of life”. Be it Christmas, Easter, Australia Day, Anzac Day, Melbourne Cup Day etc, there has been a steady stream of accusations leveled against “teh imergints” (code name for Muslims) that they have been trying to destroy or change Judeo-Christian and Australian holidays and celebrations.

The ‘proof’ that Muslims are actively attacking or wanting to wipe out these holidays and celebrations usually come from the Alan Jones’ of our media based upon articles in the Herald Scum that have run stories on (non-Muslim) teachers wanting to include their students, who usually are a mix of different religions, races and cultures, into the mainly Christian celebrations that are held at almost all public schools across Australia.

These actions by some teachers trying to show sensitivity to other cultures and religions translates into, in the mind of the redneck inbreds, Muslims wanting to “Islamasise” Australia. Even though the story will not mention Muslims or Islam even once but point out that classrooms across Australia resemble a sort of United Nations due to students coming from a wide range of backgrounds, it is Islam and the Muslims that will ultimately be blamed as it suits the agenda of the anti-Muslim crowd.

Every year for as long as one can remember, before every major holiday and celebration, the bleating mindless masses regurgitate the propaganda and start foaming and raging over a non-existent threat to their beloved right to drink themselves into drooling, brain-dead zombies and then proceed to molest their sisters in their trailers.

The regurgitated rehashed propaganda is sometimes accompanied by, if the inbred has more than one brain cell, a story of their own experience in “Muzzies” trying to ‘Halalify’ Aussies. They are usually imaginary incidences copied from an American website and re-written for an Australian audience. Other times they are stories that have been told by their neighbours uncles bosses sisters cousins friends daughters puppy. And sometimes it’ll be told from first hand experience… well kind of…

We think Kristina’s fanciful story came from watching Hollywood movies based on Americas racist past where businesses would put out “No Coloreds” signs. It can’t be easy differentiating between reality and fantasy while wearing a stubby.

As with every bile spewed from the mouths of scum, there is no evidence posted where the “new Aussies” have been complaining or trying to change Christmas or any other holiday. It’s also revealed who they are really attacking by Kristina’s last comment referring to the “Koran” / Qur’an. Hate to break it to you Kris and Kaylene, but Muslims have been around much, much longer than you think and aren’t “new Aussies”, in fact they were around before European settlement, trading peacefully with and marrying the indigenous people.

The history of Islam in Australia pre-dates European settlement. From 1650, Muslim fisherman from South East Asia communicated and traded with Aborigines from Australia’s north. Some inter-marriage occurred. In the 1860s, some 3000 camel drivers – with camels – came from Afghanistan and the Indian sub-continent. This group contributed to the exploration of the Australian outback, working on both the railway line between Port Augusta and Alice Springs, and the Overland Telegraph Line from Adelaide to Darwin, which connected Australia to London via India.


“This is Australia… we wear stubbies”

The comments above are from 2009 but yet in 2012 we still see the same mindless dribble and paranoid delusions from the anti-Muslim crowd over another holiday.

Sushyanth Subramanian, wants Australian wide anti-Islamic riots and a repeat of Hitler’s Final Solution aimed at Muslims.

Again we find no articles, evidences or proof that “Muzcunts” are offended or trying to change or abolish an Australian tradition. We only find the childish tantrums and threats of violence by the likes of Jason ‘Ban Islam’ Paul, the token brown guy Sushyanth Subramanian and Morgan Clarkson (real name Jane Ovens).

If any Muslims should be offended by ANZAC Day, it would be the Turkish Muslims. But instead, Turkey a predominantly Muslim country not only observes ANZAC Day but also caters for the thousands of Australians that converge on Anzac Cove.

Ms Gillard thanked the Turks for the respect with which they treated Australia’s dead, including naming the landing site “Anzac Cove”.

“We therefore owe the Republic of Turkey a profound debt,” she said. “No nation could have better guarded our shrines or more generously welcomed our pilgrims.

“A worthy foe has proved to be an even greater friend.”


And how do the bogans repay the hospitality of the Turks and show respect to the thousands who died so they can claim that their, “…grandfathers fought and died so I can spew racist shit on Facebook and hate on Muzzies and Jews all day while collecting my hard earned Centrelink money” …?

By trashing the ground held sacred by millions of Australians while sleeping on the graves of the dead.

Gallipoli litterbug fallout

Veterans groups have hit out over the rubbish left at Gallipoli

PM downplays Gallipoli litter

Eight Australians on one small tour bus from Istanbul had listened carefully to an impromptu speech by Steve Flack, 20, from Melbourne. “2005 was a big debacle with the rock concert and people sleeping on graves and taking it too far. That is not cool and so disrespectful,” he told them. Lonely Planet told Australians to stay away this Anzac Day. Flack can understand the sentiment behind the warning. “You come to pay your respects, not to have a huge piss-up and party,” he said.”This is the first year of bringing it back to tradition,” said Claudia Holmes, 27, from Lakemba in NSW via London. “Everyone is so excited and you don’t need alcohol.”


As we mentioned earlier, the hysteria and conspiracy theories about Muslims allegedly wanting to abolish Australian holidays and celebrations happens every year, and as expected the lead up to Christmas of 2011 saw the knuckle draggers come out of their caves, beating their chests once more.

The lack of evidence didn’t phase or slow down the bigots accusations. They instead formed conspiracy theories out of thin air in their crack-addled minds. The ‘experts’ offered their ‘professional’ opinions on the matter, citing Hollywood movies as proof of the Muslims “dastard” plans.

But alas… someone, somewhere was asking questions regarding the authenticity of such claims and accusations leveled against the Muslims. Jayden sought to quell the restless souls that unfortunately choose to live on facts rather than fiction.

“Shock! Horror! What?! No proof whatsoever that there exists a Jihad on Christian and Australian holidays and traditions?! Well there has to be a rational explanation for this? I know! I’ll pull one outta my arse!”

Jayden Smedley, offered her explanation as to why there was a lack of evidence regarding Muslims and their “dastard” plans. She starts peddling the theory that Muslims are engaging in a “stealth Jihad” due to them being so darn good and sneaky in their non-existent war against Christmas and other celebrations, so sneaky in fact, that Muslims themselves don’t even know they are Jihad-ing against Christmas.

Seeing as their claims, accusations and paranoid delusions weren’t going to stop or slow down any time soon, we decided to offer up a simple challenge to the bottom dwellers…

Not surprisingly, our challenge was met with a mindless rant about things having nothing to do with the subject at hand. Though we give Lydia credit for being the ONLY ONE out of the hundreds that it was directed to, courageous enough to reply to our offer, even though she failed miserably and proved our point.

Disappointed that none took up the challenge, we decided to do our own investigations. Armed with our trusty “stealth Jihadist” busting camera phones, we set out to capture the “dastard” plans of the Muslims in action. We were sure we’d find evidence of Aussie suburbs being subjected to “Sharon’s Law”, with the Taliban circling the towns in their 4×4’s tearing down decorations and burning Christmas trees while chanting “Death to America!”.

Our journey started flying out of Gold Coast airport where we see our first Christmas tree.

It seems Islam’s ‘tentacles’ haven’t reached this far. We were sure we’d see its influences in Sydney which the anti-Muslims have dubbed, “The Islamic Lion’s Den”.

We were mistaken…

Every suburb we entered and every street we turned into was lined with Christmas decorations and trees.

Each of the suburbs below has a high Muslim population.

Bankstown City Christmas Carols 2011

Carols in the Park

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Even shops in Lakemba’s Haldon Street, “Islam Central” according to the bogans, had Christmas trees displayed in their shop windows.

(To the sceptics among the bogans, a Google search of ‘Michael Vasili Chemist’ will confirm the location)

We thought we’d have better luck in Melbourne, but again… no Holiday-hating, Christmas-destroying Muslims to be seen, only more decorations in areas of high Muslim populations.

Broadmeadows Shopping Centre.


We had all but given up hope of ever witnessing this “stealth Jihad” in action, until while walking through the dark back alleys we came across a filthy beggar. Her hair was a tangled mess, with twigs and string weaving in and out of her red locks as though birds had used it as a nest. Her clothes were tattered and covered in horse manure and she was mumbling insanities to herself, something about, “…they will be hunted down soon… exposed, they will be… hired a P.I, I did”.

She raised her head as we came closer, introduced herself as Jude Billman, reached into her jacket and pulled out a pair of sunglasses and told us if we wanted to see the truth, then all we had to do was put these on. She then ran off screaming like a hyena having sex with a donkey and disappeared into the darkness.

Without hesitation, we put the glasses on and the world of the “stealth Jihadis” were revealed…

Each way we turned, we saw the attacks of the “stealth Jihadists” on our way of life…

We also saw Greens voters and Socialists on every street corner indoctrinating our children, lesbians with hairy arm pits making out with gay men in parks, and women not in the kitchen!! …

But back to reality…

With the anti-Muslims claiming that Islam is to blame for over 200,000 attacks that have killed 270 million people,  one would think that the scumballs would have no shortage of stories and images to post, yet time and again it has become a common sight to see stories, pictures even those that have been clearly photoshopped, posted on anti-Muslim blogs, sites and Facebook pages that have been falsely attributed to Muslims.

Time and again they have been debunked and the ones posting them humiliated as they refuse to accept the truth, yet the fact-haters keep on rehashing them, sometimes even adding to the story or image to sensationalise them a bit more. So it came as a surprise when we came across this…

It seems the scum are sick of being humiliated with their false propaganda that they’ve been peddling for months, that they have finally realised it’s better to point out to their fellow knuckle draggers the falsity of such stories and images rather than continue to be laughed at. We congratulate you, scum. *clap clap*

Though it seems ‘Hans’nDebby Ar’ are devastated with the facts, confused that not all brown people that they’ve seen on YouTube links and pictures, are Muslim.

It should be pointed out that their ‘outrage’ immediately subsided after being told it had nothing to do with Muslims. So since it had nothing to do with Islam, they forget about the child’s welfare and couldn’t care less about any harm that may have befallen it.

Another brain dead dickhead seems a bit confused too…

That ‘fuking mussie’ was us…

The question was asked in reference to another post of ‘Jayden Smedley’ posting a clearly photoshopped image of a non-white mans head on top of another photo of an Asian artist performing an art piece by eating meat made to look like a baby [see below].

Nowhere in our post did we mention Africa or tried justifying it. We did a simple Google search and within seconds found the story which was about a Hindu ‘medicine man’ supposedly ‘healing’ babies by stepping on them.

Though, we guess it’s hard for someone like Margaret to distinguish between Africa and India when you’re a scum sucking racist pig…


Commenting on a picture of a Transportation Security Administration agent in the U.S., the parasite continues to spray her bile at anything she considers as being Muslim…

Even with the low quality of the picture, one can clearly see the TSA agent not wearing any kind of ‘face garb’. It seems the scum have never seen or met a black person.

Click the thumbnail for a larger picture.

Not finding the people on the thread having the same level of low morals as her and not content with spewing her venom on one page, she shares it on her wall to share the love she has for Muslim babies with her fellow bottom dwellers and arsonists

“Margaret Richards” – The face of scum

And to conclude, here’s a few more of their paranoid delusional fantasies being debunked with a simple Google search:

Morgan Clarkson (real name Jane Ovens)


Quote from the article:

“As it turns out, in this case I was right to be suspicious, if what our commenter Benny D. says is correct:

The image of the woman with the cross down her throat in the youtube clip about Aramaean Christians is taken from the film “Inner Depravity” by Remy Couture, a gorefilm producer. Here’s the ‘just before’ shot.
It has NOTHING to do with Muslims murdering Christians!”

Belinda Lambert (real name Lydia Spriveri)

Fake Nigerian Christians Burnt Alive Photo Resurfaces on Facebook

And our favourite…

Jayden Smedley


The man in the photo is Chinese artist Zhu Yu, who performed a conceptual piece called “Eating People” at a Shanghai arts festival in 2000. The controversial photo has since been part of a number of art exhibits. As for the “baby,” it was most likely constructed by placing a doll’s head on a duck’s carcass.

Original photo:

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Right-Wing Extremists

you said it...

Some pockets of bogot lowlife trash are celebrating tonight after firmly believing that their burqa stunt in Sydney has proved a point – that people just don’t know who is under a burqa.

Well no shit.

We’ve been through this burqa conversation a million times, but here goes again – this time we’ll keep it brief:

* If balaclavas have been banned in banks, how come bank robbers still choose to wear them while robbing banks?

* If burqas can hide bombs, how come there have been no burqa related suicide bomb attempts or successes in Australia, ever?

* If cargo pants can hide deadly weapons, how come these aren’t banned?

* If burqas oppress women, how does limiting their freedom to dress liberate them?

* If a woman is forced to wear a burqa by her oppressive husband, how is it liberating for them to ban burqas in public?…

View original post 1,253 more words

Notice the completely different attitudes and comments between the two threads below.

On the left are pictures of a Palestinian baby and child shot to death by Israeli soldiers. On the right is a thread in relation to Jewish children shot to death by a Muslim man in France recently. We see the outright condemnation of the cold blooded murders of the Jewish children, as every human with a heart would condemn but then we move over to the thread with the pictures of the dead Palestinian child and baby and we see a deafening silence from the three stooges, Marina Chapman [Freyja], Julie Coleman [~Valkyrie~], Allan Ellison [My iCrusade is a Retarded Screwball] and their lap dog, Judith Dianne Billman Grech [Yehudit SaysMo Isacoward].

A voice of reason and balance shines out, like a blazing illuminating light trying to penetrate the depths of darkness, ignorance and filth.

Alas, they declare that the circumstances, the how, why, when and by whom MUST FIRST be established before they issue statements of condemnation, lest they should offend the very baby murderers they so wholeheartedly support.

The rabid, raging mongrel Allan Ellison (Retarded Screwball) pounces upon Abduls comment, even though Abdul hasn’t laid blame on anyone and was only pointing out that maybe their anger should be directed at the ones responsible for the deaths of these children rather than foam like rabies infected beasts over petty, trivial matters.

But no! The caption… won’t anybody think of the caption! It is horrifying! Oh, and Granville breeds extremists! And Uthman Badrs page is full of Anwar Awlaki fans! Dear Lord… think of the fans!!

Oh, the fucking hypocrisy indeed…

For the record, we condemn with the harshest of words the murder of ANY child, whether they be Muslim, Christian, Jewish or their parents believe in the spaghetti monster. We don’t need tribunals set up, investigations that last years or the who, how and why.
A child is a CHILD and whoever intentionally murders a child deserves every imaginable torture inflicted upon them til they are begging to be put out of their misery.

Click on images for large versions.

Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Gaza Killings
The Daily Life of Kawther Salam: An Illustration of Terrorism Made in Israel
Murdering Babies is ”Permissible” When They’re Palestinian
Breaking the silence; Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories

The display of jealousy and envy by ‘Barbara and Betty Burqa’ (real name supposedly Diane Leigh Renard) of immigrants who worked hard and managed to pay off their business after escaping a war torn country, just oozes out of B&BB like pus dripping from an infected diseased wound.

Somehow being an immigrant who has escaped war in their homeland, puts you on par with those who fight against the Imperialists and therefore you are deserving of having your business set alight.

Admin of ‘Barbara and Betty Burqa’ [Diane T’Blue, Diane Smith, Diane Leigh Renard, Betty Burqa, (far right)] with Pauline Hanson and Nickholas Hunter Folkes of the Australian Penile-dysfunction Protectionist Party.

More on ‘Barbara & Betty Burqa’…

Racist T-Shirt Fail

So what happens when a bunch of backward, redneck, bogan, inbred troglodytes fail to take down an anti-racist, anti-fascist Facebook page that they have been mass reporting day and night for the past six months?

Muslims Against Crazies (MAC) – Our previous Facebook page name.

Well first the doctored email is brought out, with Arabic words copied straight from a website to make it seem more legit. Then further mass reporting of a comment that points out the email is faked.

When that fails to rally enough knuckle draggers to mass report, send in the dregs to issue threats of legal action…

…and when that fails, issue threats of physical harm.

Our rendition of Jude Billman

Continue to the follow up