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Notice the completely different attitudes and comments between the two threads below.

On the left are pictures of a Palestinian baby and child shot to death by Israeli soldiers. On the right is a thread in relation to Jewish children shot to death by a Muslim man in France recently. We see the outright condemnation of the cold blooded murders of the Jewish children, as every human with a heart would condemn but then we move over to the thread with the pictures of the dead Palestinian child and baby and we see a deafening silence from the three stooges, Marina Chapman [Freyja], Julie Coleman [~Valkyrie~], Allan Ellison [My iCrusade is a Retarded Screwball] and their lap dog, Judith Dianne Billman Grech [Yehudit SaysMo Isacoward].

A voice of reason and balance shines out, like a blazing illuminating light trying to penetrate the depths of darkness, ignorance and filth.

Alas, they declare that the circumstances, the how, why, when and by whom MUST FIRST be established before they issue statements of condemnation, lest they should offend the very baby murderers they so wholeheartedly support.

The rabid, raging mongrel Allan Ellison (Retarded Screwball) pounces upon Abduls comment, even though Abdul hasn’t laid blame on anyone and was only pointing out that maybe their anger should be directed at the ones responsible for the deaths of these children rather than foam like rabies infected beasts over petty, trivial matters.

But no! The caption… won’t anybody think of the caption! It is horrifying! Oh, and Granville breeds extremists! And Uthman Badrs page is full of Anwar Awlaki fans! Dear Lord… think of the fans!!

Oh, the fucking hypocrisy indeed…

For the record, we condemn with the harshest of words the murder of ANY child, whether they be Muslim, Christian, Jewish or their parents believe in the spaghetti monster. We don’t need tribunals set up, investigations that last years or the who, how and why.
A child is a CHILD and whoever intentionally murders a child deserves every imaginable torture inflicted upon them til they are begging to be put out of their misery.

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Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Gaza Killings
The Daily Life of Kawther Salam: An Illustration of Terrorism Made in Israel
Murdering Babies is ”Permissible” When They’re Palestinian
Breaking the silence; Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories

So what happens when a bunch of backward, redneck, bogan, inbred troglodytes fail to take down an anti-racist, anti-fascist Facebook page that they have been mass reporting day and night for the past six months?

Muslims Against Crazies (MAC) – Our previous Facebook page name.

Well first the doctored email is brought out, with Arabic words copied straight from a website to make it seem more legit. Then further mass reporting of a comment that points out the email is faked.

When that fails to rally enough knuckle draggers to mass report, send in the dregs to issue threats of legal action…

…and when that fails, issue threats of physical harm.

Our rendition of Jude Billman

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