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With the anti-Muslims claiming that Islam is to blame for over 200,000 attacks that have killed 270 million people,  one would think that the scumballs would have no shortage of stories and images to post, yet time and again it has become a common sight to see stories, pictures even those that have been clearly photoshopped, posted on anti-Muslim blogs, sites and Facebook pages that have been falsely attributed to Muslims.

Time and again they have been debunked and the ones posting them humiliated as they refuse to accept the truth, yet the fact-haters keep on rehashing them, sometimes even adding to the story or image to sensationalise them a bit more. So it came as a surprise when we came across this…

It seems the scum are sick of being humiliated with their false propaganda that they’ve been peddling for months, that they have finally realised it’s better to point out to their fellow knuckle draggers the falsity of such stories and images rather than continue to be laughed at. We congratulate you, scum. *clap clap*

Though it seems ‘Hans’nDebby Ar’ are devastated with the facts, confused that not all brown people that they’ve seen on YouTube links and pictures, are Muslim.

It should be pointed out that their ‘outrage’ immediately subsided after being told it had nothing to do with Muslims. So since it had nothing to do with Islam, they forget about the child’s welfare and couldn’t care less about any harm that may have befallen it.

Another brain dead dickhead seems a bit confused too…

That ‘fuking mussie’ was us…

The question was asked in reference to another post of ‘Jayden Smedley’ posting a clearly photoshopped image of a non-white mans head on top of another photo of an Asian artist performing an art piece by eating meat made to look like a baby [see below].

Nowhere in our post did we mention Africa or tried justifying it. We did a simple Google search and within seconds found the story which was about a Hindu ‘medicine man’ supposedly ‘healing’ babies by stepping on them.

Though, we guess it’s hard for someone like Margaret to distinguish between Africa and India when you’re a scum sucking racist pig…


Commenting on a picture of a Transportation Security Administration agent in the U.S., the parasite continues to spray her bile at anything she considers as being Muslim…

Even with the low quality of the picture, one can clearly see the TSA agent not wearing any kind of ‘face garb’. It seems the scum have never seen or met a black person.

Click the thumbnail for a larger picture.

Not finding the people on the thread having the same level of low morals as her and not content with spewing her venom on one page, she shares it on her wall to share the love she has for Muslim babies with her fellow bottom dwellers and arsonists

“Margaret Richards” – The face of scum

And to conclude, here’s a few more of their paranoid delusional fantasies being debunked with a simple Google search:

Morgan Clarkson (real name Jane Ovens)

Quote from the article:

“As it turns out, in this case I was right to be suspicious, if what our commenter Benny D. says is correct:

The image of the woman with the cross down her throat in the youtube clip about Aramaean Christians is taken from the film “Inner Depravity” by Remy Couture, a gorefilm producer. Here’s the ‘just before’ shot.
It has NOTHING to do with Muslims murdering Christians!”

Belinda Lambert (real name Lydia Spriveri)

Fake Nigerian Christians Burnt Alive Photo Resurfaces on Facebook

And our favourite…

Jayden Smedley

The man in the photo is Chinese artist Zhu Yu, who performed a conceptual piece called “Eating People” at a Shanghai arts festival in 2000. The controversial photo has since been part of a number of art exhibits. As for the “baby,” it was most likely constructed by placing a doll’s head on a duck’s carcass.

Original photo: