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Wank Stains

Ummmmm… you decide…

[All those pictured have made extremely derogatory, sexist remarks towards Muslim and non-Muslim women]
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The display of jealousy and envy by ‘Barbara and Betty Burqa’ (real name supposedly Diane Leigh Renard) of immigrants who worked hard and managed to pay off their business after escaping a war torn country, just oozes out of B&BB like pus dripping from an infected diseased wound.

Somehow being an immigrant who has escaped war in their homeland, puts you on par with those who fight against the Imperialists and therefore you are deserving of having your business set alight.

Admin of ‘Barbara and Betty Burqa’ [Diane T’Blue, Diane Smith, Diane Leigh Renard, Betty Burqa, (far right)] with Pauline Hanson and Nickholas Hunter Folkes of the Australian Penile-dysfunction Protectionist Party.

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