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Minutes after the bombings in Boston, anti-Muslim fascist scumbags were predicatively pinning the blame on Muslims…

Chris Merrett - Blaming Muslims

Matt Donald - This Is True Islam

(We’ve blurred out the disturbing picture, unlike our mate Matt who enjoys posting such images to exploit the dead and injured)

Retards - Blaming Muslims

Pat Mulligan - Blaming Muslims

Nick - Blaming Muslims - 2

Michael Morsches - Blaming Muslims

Katie Giorgio - Blaming Muslims - 2

Katie Giorgio - Blaming Muslims - 1

Joseph Anton - Blaming Muslims

Not one to shy away from exploiting the pain and suffering of others to further their agenda, the Zionists came out of their  holes to jump on the bandwagon before the hate subsided. Just like what happened after the attacks on September 11 2001, Israelis and other Zionists claimed Palestinians were dancing in the streets, celebrating by handing out sweets to mark the deaths of Americans.

Matt Donald - Muslim World Celebrates

Matt Donald - Palestinians Celebrate

Pam Geller - Palestinian Celebrate

Some were skeptical of these claims due to the overwhelming lack of evidence. Before you could say “Scientific study proves right-whingers generally have low IQs”, Bare Naked Islam came to the rescue with their ‘evidence’…

Barenaked Islam - 1

(Click for larger image)

…except their ‘evidence’ were of pictures from several years ago. A reverse image search ( reveals all the pictures used were from either 2011, 2008 or even older. The stupid didn’t end there. There was also a video accompanying the article and pictures which shows Palestinians dancing and celebrating in the street, supposedly celebrating the Boston bombings. The problem here for Bare Naked Islam is that this is a video of someones wedding. Anyone who understands basic Arabic would realise that after hearing the known popular wedding songs and the MC in the background.

A screen capture at 59 seconds even shows banners which say “A thousand congratulations on the newlyweds” (see below).

Barenaked Islam - 2

A right-winger who respects the remaining intelligence it has left, should ask why it should continue to allow itself to be lead around by the nose to further the sinister agenda of others and continue to believe scum like Pam Geller and trashy blogs like Bare Naked Islam when they’ve been caught out time and again in these types of lies and misinformation.

This is the true human side of the Palestinians that Geller and her ilk will not show you…

Palestinian Kids - Mourn Victims

Meanwhile, the right-whingers show their hypocrisy by laughing and celebrating the deaths of people who’ve been killed and affected by the recent earthquake in south-west Iran. (The second picture requires a knowledge of Hebrew)

Trilby Steinberger - Laughing At Iranian Dead

Jews Celebrating Deaths


It seems the lying scum maggots over at Bare Naked Islam have admitted the pictures and video have nothing to do with the Boston bombings. Their explanation as to why they posted them along with the accusations is that their readers are too stupid to imagine in their minds people dancing and celebrating so the retards at Bare Naked Islam thought they needed to show their fellow retards how Palestinians celebrate. Their demented reasoning is that the Palestinians celebrate all their celebrations in the same way… with music and dancing… so there was no harm in misleading their fellow bottom dwellers.

Lying Scum Bare Baked Islam

“It’s fake but at the same time it’s not fake because this is how they look when they celebrate dead Israelis and Americans”.

Notice the completely different attitudes and comments between the two threads below.

On the left are pictures of a Palestinian baby and child shot to death by Israeli soldiers. On the right is a thread in relation to Jewish children shot to death by a Muslim man in France recently. We see the outright condemnation of the cold blooded murders of the Jewish children, as every human with a heart would condemn but then we move over to the thread with the pictures of the dead Palestinian child and baby and we see a deafening silence from the three stooges, Marina Chapman [Freyja], Julie Coleman [~Valkyrie~], Allan Ellison [My iCrusade is a Retarded Screwball] and their lap dog, Judith Dianne Billman Grech [Yehudit SaysMo Isacoward].

A voice of reason and balance shines out, like a blazing illuminating light trying to penetrate the depths of darkness, ignorance and filth.

Alas, they declare that the circumstances, the how, why, when and by whom MUST FIRST be established before they issue statements of condemnation, lest they should offend the very baby murderers they so wholeheartedly support.

The rabid, raging mongrel Allan Ellison (Retarded Screwball) pounces upon Abduls comment, even though Abdul hasn’t laid blame on anyone and was only pointing out that maybe their anger should be directed at the ones responsible for the deaths of these children rather than foam like rabies infected beasts over petty, trivial matters.

But no! The caption… won’t anybody think of the caption! It is horrifying! Oh, and Granville breeds extremists! And Uthman Badrs page is full of Anwar Awlaki fans! Dear Lord… think of the fans!!

Oh, the fucking hypocrisy indeed…

For the record, we condemn with the harshest of words the murder of ANY child, whether they be Muslim, Christian, Jewish or their parents believe in the spaghetti monster. We don’t need tribunals set up, investigations that last years or the who, how and why.
A child is a CHILD and whoever intentionally murders a child deserves every imaginable torture inflicted upon them til they are begging to be put out of their misery.

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